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  1. Berkeley.png
    Proof Logging for Maximum Satisfiability the past, the present, the future
    Jeremias Berg
    Mar 2023


  1. SAT-Invited.jpg
    25 years of SAT Maximum Satisfiability for Real-World Optimization
    Jeremias Berg
    Aug 2022


  1. MIAO.jpg
    Abstract Cores in Implicit Hitting Set MaxSAT Solving
    Jeremias Berg
    Mar 2021
  2. YAF.jpg
    Optimiointa Deklaratiivisesti
    Jeremias Berg
    Jan 2021
  3. simons.jpg
    Preprocessing in MaxSAT Solving
    Jeremias Berg
    May 2021
  4. maxsatsimons.jpg
    Maximum Satisfiability Solving
    Jeremias Berg & Matti Järvisalo
    May 2021


  1. ACP.png
    Solving Optimization Problems via Maximum Satisfiability: Encodings and Re-Encodings
    Jeremias Berg
    Sep 2020