courses and material

list of the courses I have taught and teaching material I have produced

Formal Training in Teaching

Currently I have completed 20 ECTS credits in university pedagogy at the University of Helsinki, which means the following courses:

  • YP 1 Oppiminen Yliopistossa (Learning in the University), 12 hrs,
  • YP 2.1 Konstruktivt samordnad undervisning (Constructive Allignment of Teaching), 17 hrs,
  • YP 2.2 Assessment of Learning and Giving Feedback, 17 hrs,
  • YP 3.1 Ohjaaminen Yliopistossa (Superising in the University), 17 hrs.

Primary Teacher & Course Material

  • A 4 ECTS credit project course on algorithms and AI at the University of Helsinki, 2023-.
    • The course is instantiated each semester, each instantiation attended by 30-40 students.
    • Course Material that I have produced for the course can be found at
  • A 5 ECTS course on discrete mathematiccs at the University of Helsinki, 2011.

Supporting Teacher or Teaching Assistant

  • Seminar, Logic-Enabled Verified and Explainable AI, a two-term (5 ECTS credits) seminar course at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 2021.
  • Course Assistant in various B.Sc. & M.Sc. level courses in mathematics and computer science, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki:
    • Analysis I and II (10 ECTS credits each),
    • Linear Algebra and Matrices I and II (5 ECTS credits each),
    • Introduction to Probability (5 ECTS credits),
    • Algebra (10 ECTS credits),
    • Multivariate Calculus (5 ECTS credits),
    • Introduction to Logic (10 ECTS credits),
    • Measure Theory (6 ECTS credits),
    • Boolean Modelling and Computation (5 ECTS credits),
    • Real Analysis (M.Sc course in multivariate) (6 ECTS credits).

Other Teaching

  • Tutorial, Advances in Maximum Satisfiability, at The 24:th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), online event.