Preparing to Leave for the Amber Temple

The day began at the ruins of the windmill. The more perceptive members of the party noticed that the foul atmosphere around the windmill had weakened overnight, resulting in the return of some much needed greenery around the windmill.

The party collected their thoughts and set of back to Vallaki with plans to set off toward the amber temple the next day. The travel was mostly uneventful, Cinna was a bit distracted and kept to herself. Arriving in Vallaki, Bart was asked to visit Nikolaj. Nikolaj expressed some concern in the slow pace in which their plan at changing the rule in Barovia. Bart ensured their sponsor of the plans proceeding on schedule, while Cinna taught Geoff how to fly outside of town. Afterwards rest of the party reconvened at the blue water inn. Xuza briefed Urwin on the contents of Strahds journal, and decided to give it to Cinna for reading. The party then settled in for the night in the hopes of getting an early start the next morning.