You Will Kill Morgantha

The day started in Bats camp. After a night of heightened emotions the party decided to (for now) leave the abbot alone and instead travel to western Barovia in order to deal with Morgantha once and for all. In their trip they were joined by Magda, a member of the lost travelers whom the rest of the party seemed to know, but Cinna did not.

Traveling towards the windmill the party stopped briefly at Vallaki in order to give Urwin an update on the current status and them having received the journal from Argynvostholt. Being in a hurry to catch the sunlight, the party quickly continued along, arriving at the windmill at the brink of nightfall. Having received word of Morgantha returning to her old home from the crows circling above, the party arrived with caution.

Thanks to the ritual that Xuza and Marillion had learned from the journal received by Geoff, the party was able to interrupt Morganthas attempts at disturbing Geoff’s sleep. Darren was sent into Geoffs dreams where he managed to convince Geoff to help himself and push Morgantha away. Meanwhile, the rest of the party managed to beat the remaining life out of morgantha, and make Geoffs life significantly safer.

With the dust settling the last surprise of the day was revealed. Magda turned into Strahd, and invited the group to his wedding that was to take place in 10 days at the castle. Strahd then took his absence, leaving the party at the ruins of the windmill.