Rescurrecting an Old Friend

Raising up to a new day, at the blue water in, Darren realised that the bite he had gotten two night ago had not yet properly healed. However, seeing as it did not actively hurt him though he decided to push that matter aside and focus on more urgent matters.

The travellers started the day by trying to visit Fiona Watcher, only to realise that they were operating under a different assumption regarding what would happen if they helped her. She was still upset with CInna outing her secrets to her servants. The travellers were rudely dismissed, which especially the Vistani members of the party did not enjoy.

Seeing as Fionas cooperation sseemed unlikely, the travellers decided to instead steal the body of Nikolaj Sr and have Jeny resurrect him, seeing as Madam Eva had foretold that he would be an alliy. Their scheme for doing so revolved around Cinna scouting ahead and Bart deadlifting the corpse in order to teleport it out. Agains most odds, this idea worked and Niklai Watchers body was lying on Jenys table by midday. After Cinna paying Jeny with Strahds money,, she got to work reviving Nikolaj. After an hour of intense spell casting Nikolaj was reviewed. After being caught up on the situation he headed back to town in order to sort out the situation. The travellers soon joined them, leaving Cinna with her newfound exercise routine and reconnecting with Nari, and perhaps even Strahd. The rest of the day was spent gathering strength for tomowwors expedition toward the dangerous wilderness. BArt and CInna went to have dinner at the Watcherhaus, others stayed at the inn. Considering the very hectic two and a half days the travellers enjoyed their night off.