Reunited with Cinna and Morgantha

After spending a day recuperating at the Tser pool encampment. The lost travellers were ready to head back toward Vallaki. In the morning, they found that Marillions eyes had turned black as the abyss. No proper explanation for this was given, even though it seemed like Xuza might have some insight into what was happening.

The party set off and was reunited with Cinna, who was having some slight owlbear issues that the party was happy to help with. Having reunited the lost travellers continued along in full numbers and found that Cinna had cut ties with her past, but taken a few souvenirs on her way out. She also talked about her original mission, which was to keep track of Darren and report to strahd on whether dareen would be a suitable next ruler of Barovia.

Arriving at the mill the party soon sensed that something was off. The anumal were restless and one of the raven scouts reported that Morgantha had returned. Barging into the mill. Morgantha was nowhere to be found, but isntead the lost travellers found what seemed to be her next plan, a terrible monster summoned to Barovia to hunt Goeff (who luckily had been left in charge of the horses). The party managed to fight off the monster (even if Marillion took a beating while doing so) and decided to make it that much more difficult for Morgantha to return by burning down the netire windmill.

Once again, the party decided to push toward vallaki, seemingly managing to avoid some kind of an ambush while doing so. Arriving at Vallaki they found that some extra questions were directed toward Irena, but the two guards at the gate seemed unwilling to put up a fight at the aspiring heroes of Barovia, so the lost travellers were let in. THe laid down for the night at Urwin.