Off to see the Wonderful Wizard of Wines

After some early morning cooking by Rictavio and Xuza, the party set of from Vallaki, continuing west i with the aim of getting to the wizzard of the wines in order to investigate, why the good people of Barovia were not getting any wine deliveries as of late. After retrieving their horses and carts (they had purchased the previous day) they set of, leaving Goeff in the capable hands of Lucian Petrovich.

After just over half a day of travel, the party arrived at the Vineyard, only to be greeted by the Martikov family in the forrest just outside of the grounds. They learned that Davian Matrikov—the father—had been captured by druids coming from Yester Hill who currently were holding him hostage at the main house. Feathered Martikov scouts had also noticed different kinds of living bushes patrolling the grounds, the druids were definitely up to something not good.

The lost travellers promised to help and began their approach toward the vineyard. By a combination of skill and luck they managed to stealth all the way inside without being detected. Well inside they learned that the druids were apparently poisoning the wine supply with the help of a giant blood toad. By another combination of good communication, boldness and the flight ability of a certain winged invisible warlock, the party managed to defeat the toad, the druids inside the vineyard and the blights working for them, without alerting the blights patrolling hte grounds outside. In the aftermath, the lost travellers managed to successfully: (i) save Davian, (ii) take one of the druids as hostage, (iii) find strong magical artefacts, (iv) destroy one of those artefacts in order to clear the outside grounds of blights and (v) (barely) not get killed by the cooling system of the cellar.

The rest of the evening was spent under the care of the Martikov family, who were very grateful for getting their vineyard back. The evening saw good food, even better wine, and a dancing druid on the fields. Prompted by the last of these things, Davian told the party of the troubles the vineyard was facing, the troubles which had resulted in their current arrangement with Bart. The party decided to further help the Martikovs by, the next day, travelling to Yester hill in order to put a stop to the druids once and for all, and hopefully returning one of the magic gems that had brought prosperity and fertilised the land. Who knows, maybe they would be able to find the Martikov scouts that Davian had sent out before the vineyard had been overrun?