Fortune Reading at Tzer Pools

After one more night in the town of Barovia, the party left westward in order to get to the Wizard of Vines where Bart wanted them to go. Before leaving, they learned that both Donavich and Ireena had also run away from town after the events at the church. Ismark did not seem to worried about Ireena, but urged the party to keep an eye out for her during their travels.

The day was spent traveling west from Barovia. In addition to some chit chat, the most notable thing to happen during the travels was that the group came upon a gallows on which Xuza and Marrilion had visions of hanging each other, (or more precisely, visions of being hanged by each other). Somewhat unsettled the party continued on toward the Tser Pools encampment. Bart assured them they would be welcomed by the Vistani living there.

At the encampment the lost travelers–the name that the party had come up with for themselves–were welcomed by the Vistani and treated to a night of (relative) peace, songs and merry wine drinking. The song they heard talked about the past of Barovia, and the special status that Vistani enjoy in the area being the only ones allowed to leave.

During the evening, the party was summoned to meet with Madam Eva, the vistani elder who had told Bart about the arrival of the others a few days prior. She gave some cryptic comments about the characters past, and read their fortune. She also urged the party to visit the Amber temple, in case they are interested in ridding Barovia of Strahd for good.

The rest of the evening was spent with varying amounts of wine drinking. During the night both Marillion and Xuza had some unusual dreams. Marillion dreamt of Xuza killing him, while Xuza learned of a ritual related to Eilistraee, allowing him to perform a dance that changes the gender.