Are We There Yet?

A group of adventures meet up at the eastern gate of Barovia. Marillion and Xuza wake up in an abandoned guardhouse. Darren and Geoff arrive through the gates that shut immediately after letting them in. The three acquaintances are further joined by a Barovian sorcerer who introduces himself as Bart and asks them to help him with a problem he is having at the Vineyard. FInally, a familiar Kalshtar druid Cinna together with her dog Sophaxis reveal themselves from their hiding, and join the party.

The party travels to the mansion that some of them saw in a dream a few nights ago and Cinna now claims ownership over. On route they find found a note from the burgomaster of Barovia, Kolyan Indirovich urging people to stay away from Barovia. This is strange to Darren who just a few days ago received a note from the same Kolyan inviting him to come.

They travel to the town of Barovia where they temporarily split with Bart who goes run errands. The rest of the party head toward the burgomasters house, hoping to find Kolyan, in order to find out why he invited Darren to Barovia. Instead of Kolyan, the party are met by a demonstrating mob outside of the house demanding for “the bitch to leave”. The door of the house is opened by Ireena Kolyana, Kolyans daughter, who is hesitant to let them in. She urges them to seek her brother, Ismark, who is expected to be int the Blood of Wine Tavern. In the mean time—and after purchasing pies from a nice old lady by the name of Morgantha in the square—Cinna found something of interest in the well of the square. After convincing the other party members (sans Bart) to help her go down the well they are met by a group of zombies, one of whom is guarding a golden acorn. The ensuring combat results in enough noise for the townspeople to notice, resulting in the party being arrested after climbing out of the well.

As a consequence of being arrested, the party is next brought before Ismark Kol­yanovich who determines them to be mostly harmless. Finally joining Ismark in the burgomasters house, the party learns that Kolyan is dead, which immediately raises the question of who sent the letter inviting Darren to Barovia. Before bidding farewell, Ismark asked the party to return the next day.

The day ended with the party reuniting the Blood of Wine Tavern, recaping the days events to each other and taking showers, In addition to Bart, the party found a sad woman–later determined to be Mary–who did not want to be disturbed. They were also greeted by Barts associates Alana Belasco, Alenka, Mirabel, and Sorvia from who Bart had loaned some money, as well as the barkeeper Arik. THe party spent the night at the tavern, pondering over the unexpected situation they now find themselves in.