affiliations & research visits

my affiliations and international research visits.

Current Position

As of the 1st of September of 2021 I will be an Academy Reseach Fellow at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. My research is funded by a highly competitive (14%-acceptance rate) Academy Research Fellowship funded by the Research Council of Finland. I am a senior member of the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group led by Professor Matti Järvisalo.

Before I was splitting my time between an Research Council Funded funded postdoctoral position (70%), and an University Lecturer position (30%).

International Research Visits

Oct 2023 University of Freiburg hosted by Armin Biere & Tobias Paxian
Jun 2023 Workshop “SAT Encodings and Beyond” hosted by Schloss Dagstuhl
Mar - Apr 2023 Extended Reunion: Satisfiability hosted by the Simons Institute
Jun 2022 Workshop “Theory and Practice of SAT and Combinatorial Solving” hosted by Schloss Dagstuhl
May 2022 Vrije Universiteit Brussel hosted by Bart Bogaerts
Mar - May 2019 University of Toronto hosted by Fahiem Bacchus
Oct - Dec 2018 University of Melbourne hosted by Peter Stuckey & Emir Demirovic