Clearing Argynvostholt

The travelers woke up to another day at Argynvostholt, after a—relatively—uneventful night. During the night, there was an unsettling cackling heard from the second floor, as well as a sighting of revenant boy that seemed less hateful than the others.

After breakfast the group continued exploring the house. They found a graveyard with a mausoleum. They found the Mausoleum protected by some kind of a very strong force field. Out on the graveyard the group was also warned from messing with the mausoleum too much. A revenant smith walking on the roof let them know that “he” would not like it. Somewhat confused by this the party soon concluded that, while Barts abilities allows him to see the force field, they have no idea on how to disable it. Instead they moved up to the second floor of the house. On the second floor they found a few, fairly harmless, magical drapes, and a small dragon spirit that flew of to the third floor.

Rushing after the dragon spirit they party soon found themselves face to face with Sir Vladimir Horngaard, the revenant leader of the order of the silver dragon. Vladimir, clutching a journal, was totally overcome by rage, stating that he felt like Strahds current situation is well-deserved and any that seek to overthrow him need to be destroyed. Seeing as the party is planning on overthrowing Strahd, conflict with Vladimir seems inevitable. While the ensuing combat posed its dangers to Barts fleeting wisdom, the party emerged victorious. Xuza had even managed to snatch Strahds journal.

With the dust settling the party was put face to face with Sir Godfrey Gwilym who seemed disappointed, but not aggressive. He explained the situation in Argynvostholt in some more detail, how the knights were brought back by Vladimirs hatred, while others were brought back by Godfreys love. Unfortunately, in this case, the power of love is weaker than the power of hatred, the revenants yet to succumb to hate are risking doing so any day now.

The party also learned that helping the peaceful revenants still residing in the house might help weakening the barrier around the mausoleum. The rest of the day was thus spent exploring the rest of the house. Learning more about the history of the order of the silver dragon from journals, easily dispatching the final threats in the mansion and Xuza learning some….disturbing….things about Strahd from his journal. THe party also talked to the remaining sane revenants and promised to help them in achieving their goals.

Before going to bed Cinna sent a few messages to Vallaki asking their allies to help with some information gathering. During the night, sir Damian Hargrove asked the audience of the partys watch. He wanted to again plead his case for their help as he was “feeling something” on his mind.

Gee… I wonder how Goeff is doing?