Arriving at Argynvostholt

After a day of “downtime” involving an intensive yoga session, training, or saving the sister of the local bard from turning into a vampire, the lost travellers were reunited at breakfast. Even if the group had previously talked about returning to the wilderness, this time especially Marillion and Xuza seemed reluctant to do so while Cinna seemed eager to talk to the mage about Strahd. In order to postpone the potential conflict brewing, the group decided to instead look into the task given to them by Urwin (and to some extent Madam Eva) many days ago. The group decided to head to “the house of the dragon” to look into rumours about “intel” on their enemy. They also decided to leave Sophaxis and Goeff into the care or father Lucian, to the slight dismay of Geoff.

Their trip to Argynvostholt was relatively uneventful. Arriving toward the evening they found the old mansion in dismay. It looked to be abandoned and ransacked hundreds of years ago. The southern part of the mansion had collapsed ages ago. During the rest of the evening the travellers explored the first floor of the mansion. They were greeted by the spirit of a dragon urging them to lead its knights to the light. On the bottom floor they also found 9 giant spiders (to Xuzas delight) and 3 of the aforementioned knights who did not seem to be too interested in being lead to the light. With some light “turning-marillion-into-a-monkey” by Cinna the group was able to dispatch of the revenants. The party then set up camp in the monastery of Argynvostholt. The night was filled with cacklings and curious revenants.