Too Much Culture Will Kill You

Having tucked their tail between their legs the travellers had returned to the Blue Water Inn. The plans for the next day included a lot of planning and preparing—so naturally Cinna decided to continue her yoga routine. Darren decided to spend the day with Goeff, training. The other members of the group were tasked with getting health potions and other suplies for their next attempt at the wilderness.

During the morning Xuza had learned a bit more about Tepurins past and his current problem of trying to save his sister from an iminent death following a vapire bite. After some more questions Xuza learned that Tepurin is currently attempting to retrieve a necklace stolen form Heny by a “ghost” opera singer. Realizing that his sister might not have that much time left, Tepurin pleaded with Xuza, Bart and Marillion to help him with one last deperate effort to find the necklace. With a more precise location given by Jeny, the group set out from Vallaki. Before leaving the town gates Marillion decided to go blow up an glass orb at the jewelsmith, and Bart to purchase a new set of armor.

Bart, Xuza, Marillion and Tepurin made their way to the area described by Jeny, the party found what can only be described as a “stage”. Seeing as this seemed like a suitable spot for an egomaniacal ghost to appear, the adventurers waited for nightfall. Unfortunately, the opera singer was reluctant to depart with the necklace, so a combat broke out. During the combat marillion observed a definitive change in Xuza, who seemed to shift in and out of existence and fight in a way not observed before. In the end, the party was successful, managing to secure not only the necklace, but also a headband with another gem. Xuza and Marillion also shared some thoughts on Xuzas new found abilities.

Following a very relieved Tepurin back to Vallaki, the smaller group managed to push the hours of the night again in order to save Kiryan (with Jenys help). As thanks for their efforts, Bart and Marillion were allowed to keep the gems on the specters jewelleries. They also received Tepurins cloak, his notes, and a flask that magically fills with coffee.