Imps Will Kill You

The travellers woke up with new excitement, especially Cinna had gotten a good nights rest thanks to a new yoga program. After breakfast and finishing the last preparations (including picking up Cinnas box), the group set out from Vallaki toward the wilderness north of it in the hopas of finding the mad mage of mount Baratok. Even the rain pouring down did not deter them.

Arriving at the shore Lake Zarovich the travellers noticed a peculiar ritual going on. A lone rowboat was approaching a previously non-existent island. Arriving there, the travellers observed the rower of the boat lift up a bound humanoid, and throwing them into the lake. At this point, the travellers sprung into action. Cinna turned into an octopus while Bart and Marillion teleported to said island, only to notice that it was a big crab that—understandably—was not super pleased with the disturbance. An underwater combat broke out during which the travellers successfully managed to polymorph the giant grab and catch it in a box. Unfortunately, Bart has skipped school on the day they explained how polymorph works, and after hurting the small crab in the box it turned back into a giant crab and broke one of the boats. Fortunately Xuza had mastered the ability to walk on water, which allowed the party to rescue Cinna from drowning and finish the crab.

After combat settled down, the travellers turned their attention toward the humanoid they rescued, and the man who tried to drown her. The victim was identified as Arabelle, a Vistani girl from the Vistani Camp Outside Vallaki. The man identified himself as Bluto and said the reason for sacrificing the g. Bluto was definitely not the sharpest tool in the toolshed, so feeling pity on him the party decided to simply scare him off his vistani sacrificing ways and join the orphanage. After returning to the first shore Arabelle quickly made of into the forrest, having first “relieved” Bart of 10 gp.

Having returned Bluto and Arabelle to the Vallaki side of the shore, the travellers could now cross the lake. They took two boats that were pulled by the people walking on water, allowing the others a chance to rest. In spite of the other members concerns, and although being hurt, Cinna decided to spend her rest with her yoga routine, At the other side, also the people who had dragged the boats felt like resting, so the travellers set up a temporary camp and engaged in some light activities in the form of catching and cooking fish. Cinnas decided to yet again continue pushing herself and spent another hour doing yoga. The other party members were a bit concerned seeing as she looked quite hurt.

Finally it was time to set off toward the wilderness. The party still had a good 3/4 days march in front of them. With Cinna taking the lead the first few hours went by relatively smoothly, especially as Cinna used her talents to talk to some rabbits and secure their help. At some point Bart got a feeling of being observed, but seeing as no one else seemed to notice, he shook it off.

After about 4 hours in the wilderness, the party ran into an imp, riding a Glabrezu. The situation quickly turned hostile, and while hte party enjoyed some early successes the situaiton soon got dire. The party was only saved by a last minute intervention of Strahd Von Zarchovich who saved a dying Cinna and gave the party enough time to finish the demon. With the dust settling, the party realized that Xuza had lost their life in the scuffle. Having been shaken up the party decide to retreat and take some time preparing themselves Vallaki. Their initial plans of asking Jeny to resurrect Xuza turned out ot be unnecessary as Xuza quite soon was brought back to life by some unknown force. Understandably, Xuza seemed shaken up by the ordeal, describing his time in the limbo that normally succeeds the afterlife, and seeing both Donavich and Bob there. It seems like even death is no escape from Barovia. Xuza also seemed increasingly suspicious about Marilion, especially his interest in the Amber Temple. Marillion on the other hand seems increasingly questioning whether the mage would be the best way to get to the temple. Before turning back Marillion and Bart secured some undead zombie eyes for their magic.

The travellers returned (pushing the night) to Vallaki, meeting. a new face on the way back, The face belonged to Tepurin Amarinovich Petri Vallakij, cousing of Danike Martikov who was out in the forrest looking for a cure for his sister who was deathly ill following a vampire bite. Realizing the late hour, Tepurin joined the travellers back to Vallaki, sharing stories from his past while learning about the capabilities of his new companions.