Regrouping at Tzer Pools

After escaping the dinner with Strahd and (temporarily) loosing Cinna, the lost travellers found themselves in the middle of the Barovian night. After some consideration, they decided to head towards Tser Pools and ask guidance form madam Eva who had asked Bart to pay a visit. The night was already dark, but considering what had just happened at the castle, the party decided to push through the night. Pretty soon, they were found by a small bird that relayed a message from Cinna saying she is okay and would stay in the castle for a while.

While the night grew even darker, the party pushed on. Pretty soon, they realised that they were followed by a swarm of bats. A sleep spell form Bart revealed that most of the bats were fairly weak, however there was one that seemed to resist the effects of the spell. The party decided to ambush the—what they realised was—a vampire, a vampire who would later be described as an “old ugly man with a goat tee”. The vampire spewed some threats towards Irena about how all those she capred about would be lost, before beeing defeated by the party.

The rest of the travel toward tser pools went relatively uninterrupted. The party was met by Daniela, one of madam evas rangers who lead them to the camp and gave them a place to stay. Exhausted the lost travellers lied down for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Bart went to meet with Eva. Eva handed him a book that was recovered by a second adventuring party. She also urged the party to visit the amber temple. The rest of the day was spent gathering information about this second adventuring party and relaxing.