Too Much Gardening Will Kill You

The day started with the lost travelers waking up in a previously hag infested windmil to find a sickly Geoff. Geoff had suffered from intense nightmares and was now looking very pale. Given Morgantha had gotten away the party was quite worried about her having something to do with it. The party decided to look up Jeny, a friendly neighbourhood spellcaster (and morganthas sister) living just outside of Vallaki for assistance. As such they set ogg early on their continued journey toward Vallaki.

Jeny agreed to help the party. However, as their predicament requires higher levels of magic, she did want something in return. THe party agreed to get rid of a pesky plant roaming the nearby forrest, charming rabbits (and as it turns out, also unsuspecting party members). For a plant, the Florabarian put up a strong fight, managing to knock a certain warlock from the air with its vines. However, in the end the travelers emerged victorious, thus settling their dept with Jeny.

Getting back to Jenys hut, the party learned that Jeny had been visited by her “dear” sister Morgantha, and thus knew everything what had really been going on in the windmill. As Morgantha is not one to let a grudge go, Jeny had taken Geoff to the St Andrals Church as Morgantha (and other “unnatural” creatures) would find it difficult to enter it.

Entering Vallaki the party found it to be a slightly larger town with the night-life approximately evenly split between half of the town seeking shelter in the church and, the other town at the Blue Water Inn. Outside of the church the party saw not only scared townspeople seeking shelter, but also a mysterious robed figure who seemed to be watching everyone. At the church they found not only Geoff, but also Ireena Kolyana who said she had wanted to get away from the mob in Barovia and sought refuge in the church. They also were introduced to Lucian Petrovich, the priest of Vallaki. They learned that neither Morgantha nor Strahd could enter the church so–with permission from Lucian–Darren decided that Goeff and Ireena would remain there for the forseable time to come. As for Freek, Cinna took him to the Orphanage and left him in the capable hand of Milivoj, the caretaker.

The party (sans Goeff) reconvened at the Blue Water Inn where Bart confronted his old business friend Urwin about his involvement in a secret organisation seeking to overthrow Strahd. While not fully winning Urwins trust, Bart managed to convince him of their joint interests, so Urwin set a task for them to do in order to prove their loyalty. The travelers were to to travel to the house of the dragon located south of Vallaki in order to gain more information about Strahd. Additionally, with the help of Lucian and Cinnas prior knowledge, the party had also heard of the possibility of traveling north in order to find the mad mage of mount Baratok, a magic user powerful enough to potentially stop Morgantha. The third possible current course of action, and one that especially Bart was exited about, was to explore the Wizard of Wines.

With their options open, the party decided to spend the night at the Inn. During the night, Marrilion again had some unpleasant dreams involving being pushed down a tower by a cleric.