Too Much Pie will Kill You

Thanks to his elven heritage Xuza woke up a few hours before everyone else. WHen it came time for the others to woke, Xuza found it impossible to do. Everyone in the party was sleeping unusually soundly, missing their wake up call and their morning meeting with Ismark. Rushing out to meet Ismark the party bought a quick breakfast from Morgantha who was back in the square.

Arriving at the burgomasters house, the party found the same mob demonstrating again. Ismark explains that the current unrest in town is due to several people going missing, latest being Gregor Stanovich. The mob outside believe Strahd is orchestrating these disappearances in an effort to get Ireena Kolyana out of the town. Ismark does not believe this himself, but rather thinks that the culprit might be somewhere closer to town. He urges the party to investigate and nudges them toward Gregors house.

On the way to Gregors house, Xuxa noticed a sudden urge for some more pies. The urge was strong enough for him buy a single piece from Geoff for a sum of money surpassing the price of a whole pie.

Investigating Gregors house and questioning the neighbors the party found signs pointing them towards the church. Arriving there they found some more suspicious clues and the priest Donavich acting very nervously. Finally, when confronting Donavich, the party learned that his son Doru had been turned into a vampire spawn. Unable to put Doru out of his misery, Donavich had instead locked him in the basement and brought him “sustenance” in the form of unsuspecting townspeople. The party sent out for Ismark in order to consult him about what to do. Doru and Donavich saw an opportunity to flee, and in the ensuring combat, Doru was put down. After finishing Doru, the party was confronted by Strahd, who wanted to further test the party by sticking two ghosts on them. THe party emerged victorious. The party managed to defeat the ghosts and were thus only left with the priest himself. Donavich seemed disturbed about what had gone down, but did not take any further aggressive action.

After the the dust settled at the church the part decide to regroup at Ismarks house. Cinna was behaving a bit suspiciously and wanted to stay behind. Xuza decided to investigate, and learned that Cinna actually had a much closer connection to Strahd than she had let on.

The party returned to Ismarks house to find that Ireena had run away, supposedly to avoid causing Ismark any more trouble. They spent the nigh there, aiming to start moving west the next day.