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My thesis won an award

My PhD thesis: Solving Optimization Problems via Maximum Satisfiability : Encodings and Re-Encodings (available from e-thesis) was awarded one of four doctoral dissertation awards for 2018 of The University of Helsinki. I am grateful and honoured by this recognition. Thank you to everyone who played a role in my nomination and congratulations to my three other fellow recipients.

More information can be found in the University’s own news story.

My thesis won an award

I was honoured to receive an e-mail on Friday informing me that my PhD-thesis: Solving Optimization Problems via Maximum Satisfiablity: Encodings and Re-Encodings has been recognized with an outstanding doctoral dissertation award by the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences at the University of Helsinki. I thank the school for this honour and everyone involved in nominating my thesis.


Research visits during Spring 2019

I will be travelling to Toronto in the spring of 2019 for a 3-month research visit to the University of Toronto, hosted by Prof. Fahiem Bacchus. Prof. Bacchus is a very well known researcher, both in my and many other fields. I am looking forward to working with him and learning from him. I will be leaving Helsinki on the 29.1 and coming back on 27.4. My sincerest thanks go to both Fahiem for agreeing to host me and The Helsinki Institute of Information Technology for financially supporting the trip.

Research visits in the autumn of 2018

I will be visiting the University of Melbourne during the autumn of 2018. More precisely, I was invited by Dr. Emir Demirović to come to Melbourne for three months to work with him and Prof. Peter Stuckey

I am looking forward to working with both of them, hopefully I can expand my knowledge about constraint optimization paradigms beyond MaxSAT while also being able to contribute to their line of work.

I defended my thesis

On Friday 25.5. at 12 o’clock noon I defended my PhD-thesis. My opponent was Associate Professor Inês Lynce and the Custos was my advisor, Associate Professor Matti Järvisalo. You can find the slides of my Lectio Praecursoria (a.k.a. my thesis for dummies) here and the whole thesis here. My sincerest thanks go to both Inês and Matti.

Many people have asked me how I think the defence went. My honest answer is, I do not know. The reason for this is a lack of points of reference. I have only ever been to two defences before mine. Comparing my own defence to either of those is difficult as I was not familiar with the respective fields of study. Maybe this is true for other PhD-students in general. Can anyone properly judge their own defence?

The PhD defence also marks the starting point of this blog. The main purpose of these pages is to be my online CV. However, I will also write blog posts of varying degrees of formality and seriousness from time to time. So thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!

I leave you with some pictures from the occasion. Thanks to Christina for taking them.