New Position and Title

I am happy to let you know that tomorrow (on the 1.9.2022) I will start in a new position as a University Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. In practice this will (hopefully) mean that I will get the opportunity to teach some more in the future.

For a related (but separate) piece of news I have also recently been awarded the title of Docent of Computer Science from the University of Helsinki. Docent is a title that is a bit tricky to translate to English as it tends to have slightly different meanings in different countries. In Finland, it refers to someone with the right to teach their own subject at the University without having to be associated with the University (although often is).

I am grateful and honoured for both the position and the title. Thanks to the department of computer science and the University of Helsinki!

2 thoughts on “New Position and Title

  1. Jukka Semi

    Warmest congratulations from your godfather, Jeremias! You are an outstanding scientist and you have a brilliant career ahead of you, which I – and your godmother Marianna – will be eager follow. All the best to your career and of course to your personal life!!



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