The Doctoral Program of CP 2021

Yesterday (October 25th) saw the culmination of one of my biggest projects of the year in the form of the Doctoral Program of the CP 2021 conference, which was chaired and organised by me.

The doctoral program is a full day even at the conference. The goal is to gather early-career (student) researchers in order to discuss ongoing research in a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally the DP aimed to provide opportunities for students to interact with more experienced researchers.

This year, the DP was a full day event held om 25th of October, the workshop day of the main conference. We had nine submissions from students. The program consisted of a discussion of the reviews submitted by the participants, two sessions for the participants to present their own work, and a panel discussion on presenting work with more senior researchers. The panelists were:
Professor Christine Solnon from INSA de Lyon
Professor Tias Guns from KU Leuven
Professor Susanna de Rezende from the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague an
Royal Society Research Fellow and Reader Christopher Jefferson
from University of St. Andrews. The program concluded with a social session were we played codenames with the participants.

The videos of the contributions to the DP (including the panel) can be found on youtube (below). The submissions themselves can be found on Google Drive.

The recordings of the DP 2021

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who contributed to the doctoral program, including all of the authors, the panelists and everyone who agreed to be on the program committee and provide the students with helpful comments.

While the DP is over, the conference itself is still going on. Two of my papers will still be presented today and the last one on Friday. If you’re interested you should definitely check it out, more info on the conference webpage.

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